McWatt Family Farms

Stable Kidz    Ages 8+

Stable Kidz is a leadership focused program that uses horses to teach important lessons on communication, problem solving, brainstorming, team building and so much more.  We use Natural Horsemanship principles in this program; with a strong focus on groundwork, bonding and communication with the assigned horse. 

Youth are paired with a horse at the farm and work through a number of ground work exercises – this is not a riding program, and this needs to be stressed.  Youth may at some point in the program sit on their assigned horse in an undemanding manner, however there is no riding instruction outside of the absolute basics of control.  As the youth work through these exercises, we also address daily stressors, work on personal goals and work through troubles as they come up during the course of working with the horse.

The program is designed on a 12 month cycle, with each “level” taking four (4) months to complete, at the end of each section there is a demonstration for parents, friends, funders and strangers to come and see the hard work the youth have put into the horses.  As youth progress through the levels, they are encouraged to help those in the lower levels; thus increasing their leadership ability while developing empathy.  There are three intakes per year – September (to December), January (to April)  and May (to August).  Class size in each evening is capped at eight youth.

We have come to the conclusion of this session; the next session will start in February - check back in the new year for scheduling, participants sign up for a session of classes (four months) at a cost of $150 + tax/month.  Participants MUST have their own equestrian helmet.