McWatt Family Farms

Pony Palz - Ages 7 - 11

Horse Palz is a great place for younger children to get to know horses, this program is very similar to Stable Kidz  presented in a fashion for younger ages.

Youth will be assigned a horse and will work through the same exercises as the other program, in smaller groups (maximum four youth per class) using our miniature horses and ponies.

There is not a large "riding" component to this program (as miniature horses are just too small); however there will be a few classes per session where there is some mounted exercises.

This program is offered Wednesday or Friday 630-730pm at the cost of $125 + tax per month.  Youth sign up for a session of classes at a time.  Pony Palz is operated on the same schedule as Stable Kidz (September, January, May).