McWatt Family Farms

This is Hugo, he is used with our intermediate/advanced riders.  He has extensive dressage training and is working on his Hunters.

This is Rosie, she is our sassy girl!  She loves playing "catch me if you can", once caught she is a lovely girl and confident beginners ride her.

This is Kay (mom) and Gus (baby); they are our resident donkeys.  We use them for horse (erm, donkey) handling lessons.

This is "Lucky Star", he's the father of Aurora.  He is also used to teach horse handling skills.  He is currently away from the farm and will return in September.

This is Luna (mom) and Aurora (baby).  Luna is new(ish) to the farm and used to teach horse handling skills - Aurora, well she's still learning to use her legs.....

This is Cookie!  She is our grumpy mare!   She is used with our intermediate riders.  She teaches riders to make a connection with a horse first.

This is Zen,  she is an excellent lead line pony but a challenging riding mount!

This is Peter Pony!  He is about 20yrs, and is a gentle old soul!  Peter is now retired from regular riding.