Junior Farmer    Ages 6 - 8

Junior Farmer is a weekly club  where youth learn about agriculture in Canada, leadership skills, social skills.  Youth will explore various common agricultural crops and farm animals – their care, their utilization, and the demand for their products.  Youth will be directly involved in the daily care of the animals in hands on activities.  Youth will also explore alternative forms of agriculture, including alternative crops, livestock, and agri-tourism.

There is a strong focus in this program on developing strong citizens; our goal is to grow young people with well-developed communication, problem solving, brainstorming and self-advocating skills.  We believe that it is essential that young people today receive a solid grounding in these skills in order to move forward in life with an ability to make healthy life choices.

Junior Farmer is a weekly hour program operated on a 12 month basis, in three sessions of four months (September,January, May).  There is a maximum enrollment in this program of (12 ) twelve youth per evening.    Youth are divided into 2-3 groups and work with a youth worker on the projects for that evening. 

Junior Farmer is offered on Thursdays 630pm-730pm, at a cost of $70+tax per month.

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