McWatt Family Farms

Starting in September 2018 we will be offering a limited number of Lay-Up spots in our barn. Our barn is a warm hip barn with sheep, hogs, and cattle provding plenty of BTU's to keep inside warm.

Services include 2-3x daily grain (provided by owner), 2x muck out, bandaging, medication application and administering, in-hand exercise as per rehabilitation schedule.  Bedding provided - shavings.

Staff are very experienced with racehorses, broodmares, and show horses with over 40 combined years at top notch facilities in Alberta, Ontario Texas and Germany.

$35+ tx per day, 3 day minimum

$250+ tx per week

$700+ tx per month

Horse Boarding

Outdoor Board:

Horses are pastured on a 14 acre homestead pasture, with access to a hard shelter and several tree belts; horses are also moved from time to time to new pastures for better grazing.

Starting in September 2018

$275+ tx