McWatt Family Farms

Horse Based Programming - All Ages and Abilities

We offer programming for all ages and abilities with our horses.  Here at McWatt Family Farms we value relationships with our horses - they are not just an asset we use to generate money on the farm, they are family.

All of our programs are based in Natural Horsemanship, the majority of our programs are not riding based, rather are centered around the concept of being with the horse where the horse is at.  That being said, we do ride here - however most of our horses are  rescues and are at various stages of re-training.

All of our horse programs requires students to own and wear a personal equestrian helmet at all times while handling horses -  not just while mounted, as well to wear proper footwear at all times.

Our programs operate year round,  in the cold months we hold classes  on health care, grooming, horse management and more.

Not listed in the sub-menu are our "Custom" programs for special needs children who  would benefit from a more 1-1 approach.  Our instructors have experience with Austic children, Down Syndrome, Blind, Deaf, Depression, Anxiety, PDD, TBI, and so many more - contact us to see how we can put together a program for you.

Our pricing matrix for our horse programs is based on class length, staff ratio, required staff expertise and horse maintenance costs.