McWatt Family Farms

Our Homeschooling programs offers many options for your needs.  We have over 50 years of experience in teaching (between our teachers - one is a retired public school board teacher and the other is a riding coach of over 20 years).  Our programs are based on agriculture, nature and horsemanship.

We are able to incorporate all subjects into our programs:

*  Language Arts (Reading, Writing, and Public Speaking)

*  Mathematics (all operations, equations, word problems)

*  Science (anatomy, soil science, life cycles, nutrition)

*  History/Geography (role of animals, origins, demographics)

*  Art and Drama

*  Business Studies (bookkeeping, launching a product, marketing)

And so much more!

We can form groups as small as four students and as large as 20, program can run weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Really - you tell us how you want the program set up and we can provide it.

Fee Schedule - February - April 2018

Weekly   60 minutes   12 weeks     $240/session ($20/class) +tax

Bi-Weekly   80 minutes  6 weeks   $200/session ($25/class) +tax

Monthly  120 minutes  3 weeks   $150/session ($50/class) +tax