McWatt Family Farms

All meat is to be picked up at the farm.  Pork comes back from the butcher flash frozen.  Delivery available for a fee.

* There are taxes on all processed meats (smoked, sausages,  and/or brined meats) and delivery fees.

Farm Raised Pork

Our pigs are happy pigs!  They are housed with comfort in mind, outdoor pens in warm seasons and barn raised in the winter.

They are raised on a combination of all natural vegetable based Hog Grower, vegetables/fruit, and milk products.

Farm Raised Pork - Mid January 2018

Pork Chops .......$5/lb        Smoked  Hock .....$6/lb*
Ground Pork ....$5.50/lb   Roasts ...$7/lb
Bacon  ..............$8/lb*    Ham .....$8/lb*
Spare Ribs .........$6/lb             Sausage  ... $9/lb*

15 lb Package                $82.50  - $5.50/lb*
50 lb Package                 $262.50    $5.25/lb*

80lb Package                  $400      $5/lb*

We also sell whole and half hogs, prices will be based on total hanging weight + smoking + transport + taxes

Whole Hog  - averages 225lbs  - $4.50/lb

Half Hog - averages 110 lbs - $4.75/lb