McWatt Family Farms

Farm Family Memberships are a great way to benefit from the bounty of our farm - by making it partially yours!

Members pay a yearly membership fee depending on the amount of food and services they wish to benefit from in a given year.

Below are some common examples.  Don't see a membership package that works for you?  Call us - we can work something out.

We also a limited about amount of partial workshares.  In a workshare, members can work on the farm for a portion of their yearly membership fees.

Full Farm Share - Full share in our meats (lamb, chicken, turkey, and pork, amounts vary by meat, however its a total of 160lbs over the year) and a full share in our vegetables (enough for a family of four during the growing season), and the registration of two children in the Jr Farmer's club for a year.                                                                                         $2500/year      $200/month

Half Farm Share - Half share in our meats (80lbs over the year) and a half share in the vegetables (enough for a couple during the growing season), and the registration of one child in the Jr. Farmer's club for a year.                                                         $1500/year        $125/month

Small Share - a total of 50lbs of meat over the year and a quarter share in the vegetables during the growing season (enough for a single person)                                           $650/year          $55/month

All meat products are delivered as they are harvested, we have a limited amount of freezer storage for member use, at a cost of $10/month.