McWatt Family Farms

Whole Farm CSA

2018 Whole Farm CSA Membership Price Matrix

These are introductory prices, as we "figure" this out!  Get in on the game this year to benefit from returning customer discounts next year!

How this works - Choose from the Selections below and "add" them to your "cart", then add all the totals up, add 13% tax onto the processed products and services, divide by 12 months ... and that is your monthly fee.  There is an additional $100 enrollment fee - this goes towards additional purchases of seeds and livestock; it is only paid once.

The Selections:

Meat Package - total of 120lbs of meat throughout the year as it comes ready for harvest.

Chicken - up to 10 chickens                                           Duck - up to 2 ducks

Turkey / Goose - EITHER 1 turkey OR 1 goose

Lamb - up to 10lbs                       Pork - up to 30lbs           Beef - up to 25 lbs


Vegetable Package - vegetable basket provided weekly throughout main growing season, and bi-weekly during extended seasons (May-June and Oct-Dec for 2018), baskets contain enough for an average family of four.  A decrease in price available for single persons.


Egg Package - 1 dozen free range Chicken eggs provided bi-weekly all year long.   Duck eggs might be available this year, they are subsituted with half dozens.


Preserves Package - 2 containers of preserves from our harvest and other local farmers provided monthly.  Examples are: jams/jellies, saurkraut, pickles, frozen vegetables, dehydrated vegetables/fruit, honey(*), tea mix (*), kimboucha (*), soap (*), and others.  (*) from other farmers.


Child and Youth Program Share - participation in one year round program and 1 summer camp week and 2 PD day sessions for one child.

$800.00/year per child; $700.00/year for each additional child

We are only accepting a maxium of 25 shares this year - sign up soon!!