McWatt Family Farms

Here at McWatt Family Farms we offer a number Equine (horse) related services for our customers.

Horse Leasing - the perfect answer to "having" a horse without having to buy one, we can tailor fit a horse lease for your specific needs.  We also offer an innovative "Barn Lease" idea - where you don't lease a specific horse, rather you have access to horses within your skill level.

Horse Boarding - we offer the perfect mix of Outdoor/Indoor board.  Horses are outside 24/7 with heated waters, free access hay, shelters and salt licks.  Inside the barn (after construction October 2017), there are tie-stalls available for individual daily feeding of concentrates and overnight stabling in severe weather.  We also have 2 box stalls available for horses recovering from injuries.  We can tailor make a boarding program for your horse - whether he is a retired, a recreational, or a youngster.

Natural Horsemanship Riding/Training Lessons - We offer lessons to our clients (Leasers and Boarders) as well as clients in our youth programs in Natural Horsemanship Riding and Training.  Ask us how you can become involved in this fascinating hobby.

Horse Training - Does your horse need a bit of a tune up?  Or to be started right?  We have two in-house trainers who have experience in working with young stock, problem stock or even just a horse that needs a tune up.

Equine Services