McWatt Family Farms

We value all human life and the right to clean and healthy food.  We value the intrinstic worth of all peoples regardless of their beliefs, religion or creed.  We value our environment, and strive in all we do to protect and improve it's condition.  Our farm is founded and based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, our doors are open to all.

Our Team

We have so many volunteers here that it is hard to give them all the proper acknowledgement!  We have a regular dedicated crew of teens who come out every Saturday for three to five hours to get the dirty work done!  And honestly, we don't know where we would be without them!

We see our mission to reach out to all peoples, to improve their life's condition -whether that be by providing healthy food, clean recreation, counseling, or even just a space to "be".  We will strive to meet to meet the needs of our community at large.

Marc and Rebecca joined our team this fall, and they truly are a God Send!!!  Rebecca will be operating our meat and vegetable programs and organizing the CSA program.  Marc is credibly skilled and will be overseeing the general maintenance of the farm and environments.  They also have a wonderful daughter, Paige (age 14), and she will be helping in our youth programs and with general animal care.  We truly are VERY blessed to have them with us.

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Our Values and Our Mission


Sean and Stephanie, along with their two young sons - Spencer and Stuart, started this farm with the vision of serving the under served.  Providing recreation, whole foods, capacity building programs, and educational opportunities.

Stephanie is a social worker with extensive experience working with youth in distressing situations; she has a real heart for youth, to see them succeed in life and uses the horses to teach important life skills.  She is a certified EAGALA practiconer.

Sean and the boys, support Stephanie in her "crazy farm ideas"