McWatt Family Farms

Welcome to McWatt Family Farms!  As known as "Ottawa Care Farm".  We are a socially minded farm in Ottawa's east end, we strive to serve the under-served populations through our youth programs, our affordable food programs and our various outreach programs.

Our beliefs are that all people are deserving of healthy food and enriching activities that move them toward wholeness and healing as well as personal development.

What will you see when you come to visit?  A crazy pot belly pig (Calvin) that everyone loves to "hate" (he gets into everything!), chickens EVERYWHERE, ponies trying to learn to trust humans after being abused in their previous homes, teens learning important life lessons through the whollistic act of farming, sheep yelling at you to feed them (we already did - really); two families onsite living their lives as imperfectly as everyone else lives theirs.

Come join us on our journey in farming - volunteer to work with the youth, the animals or just to come and hang.